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~ Pagan in Nature

~ Pagan in Nature
The wheat
The barley
The rye
Nuts, berries, Nature does supply
A gift to each hearth and home:
Honey sweet drips from the comb.

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“Forgiveness has feathers 

Vengeance, binds, fetters”… O’Prunty


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~ You

~ You
Who I have watched 

Grow weak, weary


With worry

Anxious of tomorrow 

The day’s end,

And long I’ve watched

You fight

On your own

Alone –

Always alone

In thought

In deed,

Fearful of your

Broken heart

Becoming cold

Frozen, insensate 

Where anger 

Takes up residence

Lashes out at the world

And everything in it,

Fearful of the misunderstood

Sulking in silence

Though your mind a battlefield,

Drenched in self doubt

Questioning your worth

Judging yourself harshly

Your own worst enemy

Subjecting yourself to such furry,

Chaining yourself

By yourself

To the lack of perfection

You seek in self, others 

Though perfection an illusion 

Often sought

An impossible find,

Fear, your captor 

Holds you fast

A weight all must bare

Yet bravely walk through

Reaping the rewards

Of accomplishment,

A righteous pride;

It is the wounded

Ruled by fear

Loosing out


Love, life, and laughter –

Acceptance of all

Even your humanity

Subject to fault and failure

As well as victory, success

Must be your reality…now

As you move forward

Conquering self.

***Inspired by and for someone in great need. 


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~ Return to Me Nomore

Return to me nomore
You, my season of
Darkness, despair;

I am a Phoenix rising –

Fire in my veins
Wind in my hair
Life light burning

See, see how these eyes
Look beyond you

No! Over, under and through
Such heights carry
Promises on pinions

Fluttering forever free
To simply be.


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~ In the Garden

The dew drapes the jasmine
In this garden scented sweet
Wet and chilling the sod
Beneath these tiny feet

Dawn rises vermilion
Streaked with glint of gold
As open arms in praise
The trumpet vines unfold

Oh! Thank the heavens
For glory filled days
That sooth the weary soul
With mesmerizing raze!

Blind we may be
And ears may not hear
Yet in the presence of God
All is revealed, all is clear


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If I Knew

~ If I knew

In those youthful years
Ones filled with uncertainty 
Self doubt, envies, jealousies
I’d of loved myself more
Thereby loving others ‘as is’
Accepting uniqueness
As a God given gift:
From the cradle to the grave
Life, that great metamorphosis 
Ever changing us
Ever evolving 
We arrive at wisdoms door
Aged, with happiness and sorrow
Love and loss
Regrets and accolades
Lessons learned from choices made
Circumstances beyond our control;
A control we never had in the first place –
But held fast to the illusion thereof
It is in the journey we morph 
As the butterfly, from our cacoon
Of knowing and knowing not
To face the world head on
Fearless in our aspirations,
Accepting the unchangeable 
With empathy and compassion
Unconditional love, understanding
As our guide; from lessons learned,
We are now able to help others:
“It is in the valleys we find strength to climb
It is on the mountaintop we remember
How we got there, and we share 
Pieces of ourselves, with pure intent,
To those now deep in our footprints
Walking this journey, called, Life –
No one claimed it would be easy”

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~ Out of the Pain

~ Out of the Pain

The hurt DIDN’T make me stronger –
I fell through the cracks in my character
‘Til someone cared enough to pull me out

Out of my years lost to the pain
The anger, the stages of mourning
All consuming guilt of survival;

We were sisters
Now forever severed souls
Our golden year futures tragically stolen

I feared as a little child
Crying in corners
Lost, Inconsolable 

My will to live tossed to chance
A numbness gripping my very soul
A cry in the dark up dark isolated roads

A tombstone for a pillow
In rain, snow, sleet, hail
A beggar at the feet of mercy

Mercy I was denied –
Life on autopilot, mechanical 
On a precipice of madness

Drink didn’t drown the pain
Stood there mockingly
Nearly ravaging the remains of me

My Mothers own death six years later –
One I longed for myself; or thought I did
Saved me from myself

Saved me for my children
My grand children
My Father

When at her beside
I sat, sang her favorite hymns
With a voice long silenced in anger

There, I felt the hand of God
In the form of a nurse, complete stranger
Whose hug gifted acceptance, strength 

Pulling me out of the pain
Placing me at my crossroads
Where the path was clearly marked:

“By helping others, we help ourselves”.


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