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~ Haiku

A swirl of thought

Flash of freeze framed memories

Childhood beckons

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~ My Sweet

~ My Sweet

Shall I pick thee berries
Warm ‘neath this
Sultry sun,

Whose succulent juices
the tongue to play

As taste and touch gives sway

To this day, ‘neath a sultry sun
Shall I pick thee Berries

O’Prunty / 2017

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~ To Loss

Loss perched

Perched upon my days

As I walked through life

In a daze

Enduring what could not 

Be changed



Photo by: O’Prunty 

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~ Pieces of You, of Me

~ Pieces of You, of, Me
There is no time limit to grief

Just shock, horror, disbelief

And “well doers” seek a smile

Insisting grief is but a little while
But this cannot possibly be true;

The loss so great, left? Pieces of me, of you

Shattered, scattered pieces, all so consuming

And Time is no friend, but foe, amongst the dead, the living
So let the mourning mourn, long as they must

They’ve been caught in reality of “Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust”

And Life never ore to be the same

Yet, the mourners good memories shall sustain
Death is so finale.
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~ Death Holds No Victory Here…

~ Death Has No Victory
We are all a composite

Of that which came before

The good, the bad, 

Sadness, happiness, galore
The efforts of our ancestors 

Still cling within our bones

Tis why we have no answeres

When foreign thought induces groans
And what of the songs 

Our lips happily sing

Though not in native tongue

To young ones sleeps it brings
And eyes of such depth

Tell more then what is seen

Bits and pieces of our ancestors 

Look back in glistened beam
Think not when dead, buried

They are forever gone

Look upon your family’s ways

Their presence still lives on


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~ Genuine (Haiku)

~ Genuine (Haiku)
A soul touching hug

Transferred pain and agony

Chi working wonders
A. L. O’Prunty 

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~ Giant of A Man

~ Giant of a Man
A dream took me to childhood places

Love and laughter, forgotten faces
But the memory of Father standing tall

While leaning against the kitchen wall

Woke me with great surprise 

Tears of mourning, laughter filled my eyes
Recalling his polished black Oxford shoes

His black leather belt trimmed in blues

Tiny feet from a girl aged four

Danced with Daddy across the floor
While standing on his Oxford shoes

And holding his belt of black and blues

Looking up I said, “Daddy you’re a giant man”

And he tossed me as only a Daddy can
Up, up towards the ceiling I went

Four or five times til his energy spent

But I’ll never forget that fun filled day

Of giggles, laughter and Daddy at play
I was fifty-five when Daddy passed on –

He was still catching me, when life had gone wrong.


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