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~ Death Holds No Victory Here…

~ Death Has No Victory
We are all a composite

Of that which came before

The good, the bad, 

Sadness, happiness, galore
The efforts of our ancestors 

Still cling within our bones

Tis why we have no answeres

When foreign thought induces groans
And what of the songs 

Our lips happily sing

Though not in native tongue

To young ones sleeps it brings
And eyes of such depth

Tell more then what is seen

Bits and pieces of our ancestors 

Look back in glistened beam
Think not when dead, buried

They are forever gone

Look upon your family’s ways

Their presence still lives on



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~ Laten Years

~ Laten Years
Would that thou shalt love me in my laten years

Oblivious to Times wrinkles – youthful, in comparison to my peers
And when these eyes no longer see, an Antigone wilt thou be for me

Leading me though darkened fears, ’til acceptance of aging clears
To settle in this vessel, shell, a scared soul seeking Gods good will

A guide, a lamp before my feet, wilt thou these requests meet
And leave me not alone, but sing me…sing me home?
O’Prunty ©


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~ Sowing and Reaping ~

~ Sowing and Reaping ~

The state of our economy
here in “the melting pot”
the “good ole USA”
has drained the joy of gardening somewhat –
once a spring pleasure of planting
now nearing a nesscessity as prices soar:

Hoe in hand
I’m reminded of our ancestors
the men, women and children laboring
toiling beneath a sultry sun
by the sweat of their brow
clearing the land to plant in virgin soil
praying for survivals harvest
and a mild winter;
sowing and reaping
reaping and sowing

I can hear the clanging of the harness
strapped across a beast of burden
see reigns blistering necks and shoulders
hands calloused by the force of weathered wood
and the plow-head tearing green blades
unearthing dirt where destinies lie

Rising before the sweltering sun scales the sky
families gathering to break bread and pray
thankful for a new day dawning
ignoring the aches and pains, near exhaustion
knowing their just a bad harvest away from death
and winter is respecter of no-one
but bares down hard, cold, relentless

Plowing, planting, praying
plowing, planting, praying
hands, sowing and reaping
hands, reaping and sowing
in a seasonal circle of survival,
of faith, endurance, fortitude

Hoe in hand
I work the land
reminded of our ancestors;
bless the ground they walked on
now lie beneath.


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~ What God Has Joined Together ~

What God has Joined Together

he paired two hearts side by side
the perfect union undenied
but which would cry to touch the other
with the laden beat of languishing lover?

O’Prunty 2012

***Written for my parents, who were happily married, (true soul mates) for 56 years.  In June, my dear Mother passed away and my “broken hearted” Father, has been in the hospital since September***


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