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~ Dearest Father…

~ Dearest Father
Your death 
Left a void
An eternal pause 
Beyond the eithers
Beneath the waters deep
Or within the earth you sleep
A void.

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~ As the Clock Unwinds

~ As The Clock Unwinds
My love grows old

I grow older still

Entwined as the vine

Our hearts

Vast as the oceans wide

Our memories

Yet fleeting, this time,

This precious time

As the clock unwinds-
We’ve known love

We’ve known loss

Rode the turbulent waves

Where life set us adrift

Loyalty was the lift

Dedication carried

Commitment binding

As the earths clay

In death we’ll lay

Side by side
To rise once more

As true love must;

Such a rarity 

In these, these

Troubling times,

As the clock unwinds.


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In honor of my Parents, so happily married 56 years, til Mother passed in 2012 – “there is an empty space, which no one can replace”.

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~ Within His Lines ~


“I find myself within his lines,

scribbed as to the soul define,

and grasp to heights there to deserve,

transformed by word, yet never heard…


and often in wee hours seek

that which makes the self complete

scrolling through ageless ages

sacred minds on sacred pages


whose imprint on the soul does last

hands of Knowledge holding one fast!”


© O’Prunty

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~ In Similitude of a Setting Sun ~

~ In Similitude of a Setting Sun ~

to the one

who got away;

lost in yesterday:


you are fading

in similitude of

a setting sun…




dipping in a

lost horizon…


“conquer of the night”,

how the beams

of your ‘dreams’

-the illusion,

-the delusion

holds you fast

to what didn’t last…


“see how the moon rises

filling the ‘empty space’…

she’s there to nurture,

not to replace.

© O’Prunty


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