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~ Pieces of You, of Me

~ Pieces of You, of, Me
There is no time limit to grief

Just shock, horror, disbelief

And “well doers” seek a smile

Insisting grief is but a little while
But this cannot possibly be true;

The loss so great, left? Pieces of me, of you

Shattered, scattered pieces, all so consuming

And Time is no friend, but foe, amongst the dead, the living
So let the mourning mourn, long as they must

They’ve been caught in reality of “Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust”

And Life never ore to be the same

Yet, the mourners good memories shall sustain
Death is so finale.
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~ Haiku

~ Haiku
Watershed moment

Before, after, her demise

Happiness, sorrow

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~ Being Human


“Strive as we might, our humanity keeps us from perfection -that great illusion – And it is our humanity that tortures our thoughts when a “mistake” has been made. A mistake is paid for once, yet, our humanity guilts us, shames us, ’til we bankrupt our souls, still, believing we can obtain the unattainable…the perfect”… O’Prunty 2/13/17

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~ Haiku

~ Haiku
Crucible of thought

The unanswered question, why?

Darkness envelopes 
O’Prunty 1/23/17
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~ Soul Searching

In a parallel universe     

My loved ones still guide

Though somewhere beyond the

Ether, they reside
I Am a composite of all

That came before me

Accepting both good and bad

That within I see
Thought breaks conscious boundary

“Introspection sets any soul free”

And life, life is so fleeting

It demands crystal clarity.




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The Sound of Silence

I’ve not had time, to mourn, the loss of you

The battle overwheliming- my allies few-

Still, I’ll honor your last will, last word…

Somtimes strength is silent, unheard.





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~ Your Shinning Star

~ Your Shinning Star
I carried a pocket full of dreams

Some slipped through faltered seams

But still I carried on, permanent failure

Was not an option:
We’ve all hit rock bottom

Sinking dreams and all

The challenge is to rise

When weakened by the stall
The stall has a purpose

Shows us who we really are

We either live in reality

Or still, wish upon that falling star…
I’ve never caught a falling star

Have any of you?

Just believe in yourself

That is where your star shines through.
O’Prunty ©

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