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~ Dawn Dawning

~ Dawn Dawning
Toes filter frothy foam

Low tide relaxes

As if a pulled back sheet,

Undines waken waves

With a magical flicker

Here, there, here, there

Eyes absorbed in beauty

Dare not blink –

Beauty is rare…

And I see her

Crossing the waves

Copyright Applies 


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~ Soul Searching

In a parallel universe     

My loved ones still guide

Though somewhere beyond the

Ether, they reside
I Am a composite of all

That came before me

Accepting both good and bad

That within I see
Thought breaks conscious boundary

“Introspection sets any soul free”

And life, life is so fleeting

It demands crystal clarity.




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~ Brazen Blades

‘Neath frozen sod

Pokes brazen blades

Refusing to linger with

The earths shades;

Reaching for the sun

Natures ritual of praise.


Copyright Applies – Art, “Promise of Spring”, by, O’Prunty  

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~ Your Shinning Star

~ Your Shinning Star
I carried a pocket full of dreams

Some slipped through faltered seams

But still I carried on, permanent failure

Was not an option:
We’ve all hit rock bottom

Sinking dreams and all

The challenge is to rise

When weakened by the stall
The stall has a purpose

Shows us who we really are

We either live in reality

Or still, wish upon that falling star…
I’ve never caught a falling star

Have any of you?

Just believe in yourself

That is where your star shines through.
O’Prunty ©

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~ You

~ You
Who I have watched 

Grow weak, weary


With worry

Anxious of tomorrow 

The day’s end,

And long I’ve watched

You fight

On your own

Alone –

Always alone

In thought

In deed,

Fearful of your

Broken heart

Becoming cold

Frozen, insensate 

Where anger 

Takes up residence

Lashes out at the world

And everything in it,

Fearful of the misunderstood

Sulking in silence

Though your mind a battlefield,

Drenched in self doubt

Questioning your worth

Judging yourself harshly

Your own worst enemy

Subjecting yourself to such furry,

Chaining yourself

By yourself

To the lack of perfection

You seek in self, others 

Though perfection an illusion 

Often sought

An impossible find,

Fear, your captor 

Holds you fast

A weight all must bare

Yet bravely walk through

Reaping the rewards

Of accomplishment,

A righteous pride;

It is the wounded

Ruled by fear

Loosing out


Love, life, and laughter –

Acceptance of all

Even your humanity

Subject to fault and failure

As well as victory, success

Must be your reality…now

As you move forward

Conquering self.

***Inspired by and for someone in great need. 


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~ As the Clock Unwinds

~ As The Clock Unwinds
My love grows old

I grow older still

Entwined as the vine

Our hearts

Vast as the oceans wide

Our memories

Yet fleeting, this time,

This precious time

As the clock unwinds-
We’ve known love

We’ve known loss

Rode the turbulent waves

Where life set us adrift

Loyalty was the lift

Dedication carried

Commitment binding

As the earths clay

In death we’ll lay

Side by side
To rise once more

As true love must;

Such a rarity 

In these, these

Troubling times,

As the clock unwinds.


Copyright Applies
In honor of my Parents, so happily married 56 years, til Mother passed in 2012 – “there is an empty space, which no one can replace”.

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~ Humanities Historians

~ Humanities Historians
The painter expresses through brush

The sculptor through hand

The Poet through page and pen

All gifting to humanity

Their very core, essence

Of each of them
Let no man still their gift

Their message

Less humanity revert

To the darkest of days

Void of the raze


Such artistry gifts

To every nation
From the ancient

To modern time

Truth lies in

The brush

The hand

The line.
O’Prunty ©


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