~ ‘Neath the Daunting Drifts

~ Jonas Must Concede
Angry was the night

Defiant leaf on bare branch cling

As howling winds force chimes, sing
Swirl of blinding snow

Bites about ears and nose

Settles, soakes, freezes blue of tiny toes
Beded down night creature’s

Braving winter’s wrath

And our homeless, caught within its path,
Void of mercy

Nature in her rawess form

Respects none, pleading, for warmth,
And wild whips the willows

Bent the laden pine

Piled high in drifts surreal, sublime,
As if in a snow globe standing

Caught in the sift the shake

Seeking a hopeless escape,
And so, all must accept

Wild winds, swirling snow

Blinded by piling drifts aglow
The digging out massive

The weight weighing all down

When Winter bares a frown
Beneath the frozen

The terra firma root

Optimistic minds dream of Spings first shoot
And the color of the crocus

Waiting, ready to please

Upon the sigh of Springs soft breeze.
O’Prunty ©


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