~ Autumns Arrangements

~ Autumns Arrangements

Crimson, lemon-drops, tangerine
Leaflets morph from their colours green,
A grand display of Mother Natures cape
Meandering, colours emerge in her wake

Her breath, a frosty hint exhaled
Lies across the land, flowers paled
And pumpkins, gourds, stalks reaped
Stand on display arranged at their peak

Cooler, the nights fall fast
Soon Winter will arrive, blast
Bringing snow laden scenes
And the colours of fall gone, unseen

For now these eyes will bathe in beauty
This seasonal vista as nature fulfills its duty
Decorating  hills, dales, mountains high
Vibrant colours mixing in the beholders eye

Mother Nature’s last gift before winter reign
In crimson, lemon-drops and tangerine
And falls sun highlighting the tips
Of colourful leaflets in swirling skips

Grace the land to form again
When Spring in danity glory steps in.

O’Prunty ©



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