~ I Had Forgotten

~ I Had Forgotten
Sacred words of prayer

Nights on bent knees

Hands folded in a plea
Holding the grain of a mustard seed

As if my very soul hung in the balance

And the scale tipping, tipping, tipping
Wounded, though in disguise

The masks I’ve worn many

A facade of beaming smile
The “I’m okay, your okay” mantra

Running rapid through my mind

Living an illusion of peace, tranquility
Running from myself there’s no place to hide

Skirting around the reality with a friend named Denial

And the walls came crashing in phase, by phase
Revealing life had disfigured, contorted me

I knew myself not, nor wanted to

Who are you in that vintage mirror?
I longed to remember a prayer

That of a contrite heart

But my heart held anger, disbelief
Hadn’t I given without reservation?

Hadn’t I helped void of begrudging ?

Hadn’t I? Some questions void of answers
Organized religion kicked me to the curb

When a young mother with a heart aflame

Longed to follow a path of piety, righteousness
On judgement day churches face their reality

God never intended them to judge

Only to love, unconditionally 
Someone needs to pray for me

I’ve forgotten how…

Anger sealed my lips long ago
Disbelief still surges through my veins

How different my life would have been

Had a few not though to judge me…sin.



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