~ Transcendence 

~ Transcendence
A trickle in the stream

Babbles to the sea

Skipping boulders, rock, slate stone

A marvelous melody
Crickets and cicadas 

In unison play along

Scatterd about the landscape

Resounding, natures sacred song
Scent of Jasmine wafting

Inhaled, tranquilities bouquet

Innate, perfumed embrace

Exhaling, worldly worries drift away
Beaming, blazing stars

Beckon upcast eyes

The soul ascending, homebound

Leaving life’s complexities, far behind
Temporary detachment

Where freedom is finally found

Transcending all that’s paltry

Circumstances that keep us down
O’Prunty ©



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Filed under Family Poetry, Freeverse, Humanity Poetry, Nature Poetry, Poetry, Prose Poetry

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