~ Someone Needs to Speak, Truth

~ Someone Needs to Speak, Truth
Never in American history has a Commander-in-Chief endured such opposition to nearly every task at hand. From Homeland Security to Forgien Affairs, from his influence and suggestion of dealing with Terrorist Cells to Immigration Laws, and Obama Care.
Never in American history has a Commander -in-Chief been subjected to blatant, deplorable acts of disrespect. Yet he endures; not throughout one adminstration, but two! His fortitude is to be commended.
Blocked by opposing parties, those holding resentment within their ‘human’ hearts, deep seeded animosity from eras past…intent on history depicting him as a failure, daily devising negativity, sure to make black in headlines, focusing on fabricated ‘heresay’…and the Media gobbles it up; they too barely holding at bay their ‘human weakness’…
You couch politicians have no right to complain! You racist, still under the illusion, the delusion that “man is NOT created equal” have much to learn of ‘Modern America’. You who watched, yet did not cast a vote should hold your angry, lashing tongues. “To have a voice, you must make a choice”.
In my humble opinion, ” Our standing President, has done the best he could, with what was afforded him – rising above opposition time and time again, even from his own party – this is leadership, this is a focused man hell bent and bound to fulfill his Oath of Office” Many of us would have buckled under the pressure, stress of being the first African American President.
“History is written by the victors”… If you were to follow a timeline of our current administration, and how success far out weighs that of failure, I’ve no doubt, ” facing facts” would leave you scratching your empty heads.
Someone Needs to Speak, Truth…

Had his pigment been ‘white’ more Americans would be applauding all he has achieved. But, go ahead, live in your erroneous world of white supremacy’s, your delusional, demented minds blocking reality.
On a final note: Never have I seen and heard such base, derogatory comments referencing our current President – some of these are nothing short of ‘treason’ in my humble opinion!
You may not agree with our Presidents policies, color or collaborations, but he is our President and the title alone commands respect, from the couch politicians to the media.
Pround to be an American,

Poetess A. L. O’Prunty



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