~ A Poets Stance

~ A Poets Stance
A country divided, no shattered, 

Human infrastructure scattered

Like seeds in a whirlwind of discord

So unsettled in our convictions;

We’re as sitting ducks

Making ourselves targets

Of our countries enemies
Shores away, scoffed at, laughed at

Toppled off our dias of world power

By political inadequacies, conspiracies, lies…

Those who speak truth ostracized –

People fear truth for what it is

What transformations it can produce –

He or she who speaks truth stands alone…
So split is the “land of the free, home of the brave”

That “we the people” are like free range cattle

Walking through our lives, fearful of the eminent stampede

A stampede of brother against brother, against big brother…

Leaderless, honor and integrity slipped through the cracks years ago
Rash decisions made in the wake of recent events

Increased disharmony, discord in attempts to sweep history

under the rug…

And the victors chant in jubilation, the defeated determined, division increases daily

And we are once again brother against brother, holding our breathes, knowing…
The big picture evolves; some close their eyes to reality

The reality, that, “we the people” have weakened our country from within

So engrossed are we with fighting each other, battling for the one up, we are sitting ducks unaware of our true enemies…

And a poet predicts chaos around the corner, a corner conceived by our world stage presentation… A country divided cannot stand…God have mercy on this land!
O’Prunty ©



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