~ Woeful Fairy

 ~ Woeful Fairy
I am of the woodlands

Flit about here and there

Spy humans

When amongst leaflets

I sit, I stare
I am of folklore

Of stories told

Of nursery rhyme

Imaginations beauty

Borne on words of humankind
Guardian of the wee ones

Lost beneath my canopy

Searching for glint of light

I guide them mysteriously
My woodlands are in danger

And my stories few

As people stop believing

Felling my forests, fables too
Soon, children will forget me

As barren lays the land

Where, what shall I call home

When our forests no longer stand?
I’ll simply drift from memory

From fun time story time

And the magick of the fairies

Will cease to live in nursery rhyme
From nursery rhyme we will be gone

But be assured we will live on…
We need an advocate to say it isn’t so;

We mustn’t let the fairylands go!
O’Prunty ©


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