~ Morning Has Broken

~ Morning Has Broken
I wait…jasmine tea in hand

A break in the sound of silence, begins

Dew drips from leaf to leaf

Puddles, falls to the forest floor

First bird note heralds dawn breaking

Yet darkness still prevails

Light on the cusp of being

The sound of creatures scurry

Snap of twig, pawing of tiny claws

And the sound of lapping waters
Sun begins to scale the sky

Slowly, as if shyness hinders

Darkness dispels as if a dream unfolding

Tinged with various shades of blue gray

Ever changing before these eyes of wonderment
The world awakes to the symphony of bird song and wing

The sun rises higher as a promise from eastern lore

Hues of pinks, lavender, yellows and blues stun the senses;

A brush stroke darkened cloudlets float about here and there

As the warm descends, the mist ascends near ghostly
It is here, in the arms of nature, a continuum of time and space

I find my place…til the sun softly caresses, kisses my face with brightness beaming

And, morning has broken through the darkness.
O’Prunty ©



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Filed under Freeverse, Nature Poetry, Poetry, Prose Poetry

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