~ Sympathy of the Sea

Upon the cliffs, sea spray blowing 

Waxing mom, pearl drop glowing

Soaked, sheer dress clinging

Mournful songs from lips singing

Across the waves and frothy foam

Between each waves and audible moan;

The Sea seldom gives up her dead

Wraps them in sea salty watery beds

Yet,  an audible moan raised above the crash, the foam:

She thought she’d heard his plea

From her lover alive, yet lost at sea

Jumping from the craggy cliff

Observers looked down, saw her adrift

Then suddenly the moan turned to song

Held in her arms ‘neath waves they slipped

The sea had pity for her singing her song

From mournful lips, of a woman wronged




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Filed under Eros Poetry, Poetry, Prose Poetry

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