~ Out of the Pain

~ Out of the Pain

The hurt DIDN’T make me stronger –
I fell through the cracks in my character
‘Til someone cared enough to pull me out

Out of my years lost to the pain
The anger, the stages of mourning
All consuming guilt of survival;

We were sisters
Now forever severed souls
Our golden year futures tragically stolen

I feared as a little child
Crying in corners
Lost, Inconsolable 

My will to live tossed to chance
A numbness gripping my very soul
A cry in the dark up dark isolated roads

A tombstone for a pillow
In rain, snow, sleet, hail
A beggar at the feet of mercy

Mercy I was denied –
Life on autopilot, mechanical 
On a precipice of madness

Drink didn’t drown the pain
Stood there mockingly
Nearly ravaging the remains of me

My Mothers own death six years later –
One I longed for myself; or thought I did
Saved me from myself

Saved me for my children
My grand children
My Father

When at her beside
I sat, sang her favorite hymns
With a voice long silenced in anger

There, I felt the hand of God
In the form of a nurse, complete stranger
Whose hug gifted acceptance, strength 

Pulling me out of the pain
Placing me at my crossroads
Where the path was clearly marked:

“By helping others, we help ourselves”.



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