~ Our Emerald Isle Ancestors

~ Our Emerald Isle Ancestors 

There’s a drum roll in my heart
A Irish diddie my Father sang
Memories of Mothers feet
Crossing the music room
In perfected beat
There’s stories of old
From aunts and uncles alike
Of Irish ancestors
Crossing the waters
For lad, lassie and tike
The promise of a new life
Filled with love, prosperity
Flowing with milk and honey
A new Jerusalem
They dreamed to see
They brought their old traditions
Their songs, their island folklore
They brought determination
These Irish immigrants 
Who wanted more
They found the land was lush
They plowed through fallow years
Shouldered the rails to prosperity
Building dreams they labored
With blood, with sweat, with tears 
An affinity with earth, wind and sky
They roamed this country over
Never forgetting their Emerald Isle
Their love of God
Their “trinity” clover
So here’s to all before us
Mothers and fathers of destiny
Who braved raging waters
New frontiers 
For life and liberty!

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