~ Ode to a Porcelain Teapot ~

~ Ode to a Porcelain Teapot ~

What scents and comfort abound
When gathered all around
Ladies of leisurely intent
Afternoon chatter, time well spent

How fragile you seem to appear
Delicate beauty of yesteryear
How many teas have you served
Hysterics, calmed, observed?

Your elixir within gently poured
The soothing effect adored
Calmer of life’s great storms
Like magic, emotions transformed

And when winter grips the bones
Which your aging guests bemoans
Your gift of warmth seems to mend
Right through the soul to fend

You possess such courtesy
Such a hand painted beauty
My vintage friend of yesteryear
How you’ve brought such cheer

Someday, when I’m long gone
Your meaning will live on
As another sits to pour
As her mother did before.



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