~ Natures Call ~

~ Natures Call ~

observing in contemplation
these rolling hills
vast meadows;
tinged with dawns first light
slowly creeping
as if an intangible caress
from an unseen force
gently awakens
all my eyes behold,

aflight the cawling crow
as a sentinel
announcing my presence
a scurry of squirrels
high in tree tops
begin the mornings chatter,
in leaps and bounds
the buck, the doe
white flags high
flee, fearful of man[kind]…

in a flash of thought
it occurs to me…
all that I see;
even the sod beneath
my wandering feet
removes me from ownership
setting me in my rightful role
of custodian:

morning walks enlighten
contemplation seeks answers
nature provides them –
when eyes are open
and ears attuned
to the call of the wild.



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