So very lovely, I just had to share!



Supple and Soft,
Your Curves defined, yet Rounded
Delicate Touch or Driving Might,
You leave me Always wanting More.
Never knowing what You hold in Store,
This Nucleus of Beauty, Slight,
Where my Instincts are Confounded
Falling from Aloft,

Delicate Rhyme,
As I Drink in Your Luscious Pools,
And Delight in Your Secret Haze,
Gaze Longingly at Your Tempting Dews,
While Inside a Madness Ensues,
Lasting Moments or Lingering Days,
We Are All Your Helpless Fools,
Simplicity Divine.

Drop 2

Beautiful Photograph of Sand and Water by: Katherine Richmond
Magnificent Raindrop Photograph found on Pinterest: Extraordinary Photographer sadly unknown

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