~ Thankfulness ~

~ Thankfulness ~

In this breaking dawn hush
Before the holiday rush
A paean of thankfulness
Emerges sincere:

For life, the air I breathe –
Every second thousands are dying
In wars, crimes, accidents, disease

For my parents, loyal and true –
Everyday a parent walks away
Dishonoring, damaging the ‘family’ unit

For my grandparents, divine devotees –
Some have never known, been shown
Encouraging, unconditional love

For my siblings, first faithful friend –
Some spend their entire lives
Seeking such as these

For my children, my hearts song –
Some, barren, never experience
This indelible power of love

For my grandchildren, my hearts joy-
Some never seen themselves
Reflected in the eyes of innocence:

For the pleasures, pains
Mountains, valleys
Friend, foe
Love, loss
Happiness, sadness
Tribulations, perseverance;

For every phase
That brought me to this stage
This moment…I am thankful.



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