~ Morpheus ~

~ Morpheus ~

In truth my heart and soul to bare;
Night has long fallen upon my sorrow
And Death steals away my tomorrow:

Wing-born deity of delta dreams
Cross your River of Oblivion
Where forgetfulness, liquified, flows

Arrive on pinions of purpose

In similitude of loved ones past
That sweet slumber I may find
In visions and voices that lovingly guide

Leave me not crestfallen, forever forlorn.




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2 responses to “~ Morpheus ~

  1. Beautiful poem and it truly evokes the mythological character and his sleepy surroundings…
    By the way your blog is great, I congratulate you. ⭐
    Aquileana 🙂

    • Thank you. I am honored by your comment. “When a poet receives praise, it is praise indeed, as the love and art of word weaving has gone by the wayside in today’s modern world”. O’Prunty

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