~ At Your Feet ~

The following is just one of the entries to appear in my latest poetry chapbook, “Saddest State of Blue”. The chapbook is a composite of works surrounding the poets state of mind, reactions, and emotions pertaining to Death; with an emphasis on childhood teachings, religious up bringing, and the act of acceptance.

“Saddest State of Blue” will be available through Amazon.com. Stay tuned for release date. Poetess A. L. O’Prunty

~ At Your Feet ~

The sky cries silver tears
Soaked the oak, the sod
Leaves hang in submission
Bowing their tender tips
Where rain drips…


I too bow my head in submission
Tears flowing with the rain
Pooling at your feet
Where you now sleep
Beneath the soaken sod
Awaiting your God:

Perhaps the rain
Will wash me whiter the snow
That I may follow
Wherever you go…

To sit at your feet
Since your shoes, I could never fill.



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