~ Her Winter Repose ~

~ Her Winter Repose ~

Slowly descending darkened abode
A shadow drifts across the land
Winds nipped with winters chill
Tip the tender leaves, trees
A season of death slowly ascending
Where bleak, gray scale days arrive;
In the wake of her final folly festivities
A wave of goodbye in vibrant hues:
And for a moment longer
Eyes behold beauty personified
Hearts forget tis just the passing-
Like the drape of her cape
As her footsteps in regal style
Halt for praise and glory
Knowing in her absence all woes
Will follow in sighs and cries
Awaiting her springs arrival once more;
But the dreary, barren days
Of Winter’s frigid supremacy
Must be endured-
Through freezing rains
Wildly whipping winds
Mounds of snow blowing
Depressing dapple days
Bare branches
Muck and mud
And bitter cold breathes
Pleading for the suns warmth
Once more
And the return of Persephone
From her winter repose.




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2 responses to “~ Her Winter Repose ~

  1. I can read Persephone’s myth through your verses… Her abduction by Hades, the pomegranate which would bound her to him in the Underworld, and Demeter’s search of her daughter!…
    Beautifully penned!… Best wishes Aquileana 😀

    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I am delighted! I believe my first poem posted to word press is my poem of the tragic Greek Myth and is also published in my poetry chapbook “Selected Snippets” by Poetess A. L. O’Prunty; Middleislandpress. Mythologies have always fascinated as I continue to study and compare to world religions ;-). Again, thank you most kindly. O’Prunty

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