~ Voiced with True Conviction ~

I am the voice amongst chaos crying out
My voice rises to a high pitch
In order to drown out the obscurity
Of a generation under the delusional trained thought
That the world owes them something
That they are set apart from the
Trials and tribulations of climbing
That proverbial “ladder of success”

I am the voice of ages past
Where a hard days work
Seventy-five cents was placed in the palm
And you smiled with pride
Knowing “hard work, reaps great rewards”
The thought you were ‘owed’ something
Never entered the mind…
You worked, or you went without

I am the voice speaking to our current scholars
Higher education is no guarantee of success
Unless you too put it to work for you
All the framed degrees on the wall
Are but dust collectors unless you accept the fact
They don’t ‘work’, they don’t have or need ambition
Goals, skills, ethics, again, ambition
They are just innate objects of suggestion…

And in my voice I declare with true conviction
There is no job beneath you where survival is concerned
And there is no job coming to find you
So why your headed up the “proverbial ladder of success”
Remember, we all started at the bottom
Some of us at seventy-five cents a day
Holding a sense of pride in the palm of our hands!



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