~ Ancient Enigma ~

~ Ancient Enigma ~

On a day such as this
When each beam a glowing kiss
And the playful balmy breezes
Taunt, teases, and even pleases

And, aw, that melodic soothing sea
Exposing, at will, her mysteries
I imagine she who rode the waves
Longs the whitecaps to once more brave

She, the epitome of beauty, grace
Of myth, of magick, perfections face
That ancient enigma formed of foam
Each ladies heart, her truest of home

From the waters of Paphos she first came to be
Such delicate beauty without rivalry
Yet took up residence in all female thought
Gifted us whether we knew it not

Love, rapture we’ve all come to know
Cherry tint lips that lure, glow
Lashes that fashionably flutter to flatter
Setting suitors hearts all a clatter

Oh! Aphrodite brave the waves just once more
Today’s ‘lady’ is fading fast into distant lore
Gift us again with your beauty and grace
That we may immolate – not become a dying race.

Brave the waves just once more



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