~ Unparalleled, America ~

~ Unparalleled, America ~

Our country is memory
On this day of observance,
Shock, horror, dismay
Arises as a haunting
Though honoring the dead
Our goal

Relived moments of madness;
Impact, plumes of smoke
A fiery mass enveloping
Impact, extinguished lives
Monuments fall as dominos

Breathes held
Swallowing the horrific scene
The destruction of safety,
The American dream
Threatened by
Cowardly plans of terrorism:

“Too meet ones enemy face to face
On common ground denotes the laws
Of war honored, respected, adhered to”

“United” people of all race
Color and creed
Assemble, take action
For their fellow man
For country
For honor

Amongst the rubble
Streets flooded with tears
Hearts rent asunder
Lives forever silenced
As a Phoenix
American has risen from the ashes
Her strengths unparalleled

The perpetrator
Now passing the bowels
Of feeding fish
Or regurgitated,
Scattered on the oceans floor –



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