~ Natures Remedy ~

~ Natures Remedy ~

The meandering stream
A ghostly mist
Swaddled in wool
From air quite brisk

Wondering as I wandered
– In a dream like state
Lonely little steps
Took on a sluggish gait

Burdened was my mind
Heavy was the load
Beneath the weeping willow
I slumped as the sun glowed

Rising as a smile
In the eastern sky
Illuminating my morning
As if to pacify

Suddenly there was bird song
Butterflies and bees
A doe and fawn sipping
From the stream with ease

Field flowers were basking
Beneath a new days glow
To look upon such beauty
I let my worries flow

Symbolically I tossed them
Each one in the stream
Watched as they waved good-bye
Through ripples all agleam




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2 responses to “~ Natures Remedy ~

  1. nice one! love your bolg btw!

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