~ Worldly Hell ~

~ Worldly Hell ~

Some cry “Apocalypse!”
The Alpha of the Omega
As current events spiral
Spiritual leaders stand aghast
They are a ‘cry in the wilderness’
In desperation diligently
Searching scripted pages
For obscure answers
Frantic to uncover direction
To glean between the lines

Wisdom waning
Power corrupts
Casts a shadow, a dark shadow
Over the whole of humanity
The innocent caught in the crossfire
Of hate
Violated the laws of war
Atrocities rise as souls ascend
And I imagine “the God of Gods”
Weeping with regret

Some cry “Apocalypse!”
As history recalls
The rise and fall of nations
‘And there is nothing new under the sun’
Or peace would prevail
Not this worldly hell!



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