Opinion, Input Please!

I have been asked to expound in prose, my memories of the 70’s. I would appreciate my followers opinions and input, as this request may make or break me as a poet/writer. I have copied what I consider the intro for your review – all comments valued – O’Prunty

The seventies glittered as the disco ball
Saturday Night Live filled the air waves
Saturday Night Fever fueled adolescent fantasies
And Rock and Roll blared from the radios
Of Novas, Chevelles, supped-up pick-up trucks
If you were lucky, an eight track player in the dash
Set you on a pedestal called “envy”
Girls and guys alike circling to hear “the sound”

It was bell-bottoms, polyester, and platforms
Mini, mini-skirts revealing shapely, plump or skinny legs
Girls emulating the big screen beauties, frustrated
Polyester shirts clinging as guys sweated competition
Pink Floyd and Mary Jane solaced and soothed rejection-
That age old rebellion racing through blood streams-
Living fast, living large, living out-loud
Protests and pretensions colliding on asphalt platforms



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