~ Empty Heads ~

She is judged by the colour
Of her children’s skin
But youth is careless
Love is blind

Heartless, thoughtless
“Judge and jury” –
Self righteous minded people,
Looking askance;
Darts of disdain in their eyes
Speak louder then heavens thunder
Thoughts of superiority necks stretch
With empty heads held high

She gives them no satisfaction
No downcast look of shame
Why should she?
Surrounded by love and laughter
The twinkle in happy eyes
Children knowing where love lives
Where fears are calmed
Boo-boos healed by a kiss
And bedtime I love you’s

Sunday mornings spent in pews
Introducing her children to her God
Refusing to please “the pretenders”
By sitting in a lone corner
Center stage she raises her voice
Her hands in praise
By example little hands reach high
Angelic, bilingual voices raise
In a melody of unity

Mother, father, children living
Their American dream
Some wish to steal
Some wish they had
Some will never know –
After all, empty heads make for
Empty lives.



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