~ Weightless ~

~ Weightless ~

My morning
exists without the news blaring
deceptions, assaults, murders
tragedies, politics, wars and talk of wars
no longer invade the tranquility
of an early morning rising;
the birds bring me news
of a new day dawning
the oak leafs, wise
forecast weather conditions
and the sky confirms

No longer weighed down
laden with negativity
depressed by air waves
broadcasting the daily dirt
competing for rates
attempting to oust
discarding the ‘good story’
for the shocking
oblivious to effects viewers endure;
my day begins weightless

My morning
exists without the news blaring.
when the topic of ‘current events’ arises
I speak of a visitor in the garden
the dogwood blooming
grandchildren surprising the neighbor
with a early arrival
or maybe the colour of vegetables
thriving ‘neath a summer sun
and the clementias climbing the trellis
reaching heavenly heights

Turing from a world chaotic
living too long amongst the lines…
my prayers now unbiased, selective
ascend embracing humanity as a whole.



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