~ Crisis ~

~ Crisis ~

When you were homeless
I opened my door
My heart, my home
That’s just me
Giving you a haven
A safe haven
As others
Before you…
Surrounded by love
So you could heal
Life nearly broke you
With loving hands
I tried to piece
You back together
To counteract
All you must of
Nights I’d slip
In your room
As a Mother
Watching over
Her child
Pulling the cover
Up then tucking
At times
You’d toss and turn
Moaning mournfully-
Great loss does that
So I handled you
As a porcelain doll
Fearing I’d fail
And fall short
But my heart
Refused defeat
You were family
You were sister
With a heart sincere
I exposed your beauty
The beauty
You were blind to
When you’d cry
I longed to hold
You fetal
As the cries were
That of a child lost
So very lost
In time you
Flowered again
Keeping the wounds
And scares
You became bitter
Projecting the past
On innocence
On those who had
Proven their love
Dedication and devotion
Forgetting where
You came from
And the people
Who picked
You up
Put you back
Together again
For a sister
In crisis
Forever loved.



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