~ Josephs Mill ~ (Alliteration Haiku)

~ Josephs Mill ~ (Alliteration Haiku)


Day dawned delightful

Shallow streams sang secret songs

Mist meanders mill.


© O’Prunty

The “Alliteration Haiku” is my poetry form creation.  It is a combination of Alliteration, (which consists of  words beginning with the same letters; often used in Irish/Scottish literary works), and the Haiku form,( consisting of a 5-7-5 syllables). The purpose of the Haiku is to leave an image in the minds eye using brevity, but also, a spiritual reception by the reader is intended. Enjoy! O’Prunty


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One response to “~ Josephs Mill ~ (Alliteration Haiku)

  1. tjtherien

    interesting…I never thought of alliteration as a form…I always believed it was just a device…which I use quite a bit…combined with Haiku it produces an intriguing effect…Kudos

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