~ The Gift of Giving ~

~ The Gift of Giving ~


Walking in her world of white

Gifting morsels here and there,

Sustaining fine feathered friends

With all she had to share,


Recalling those who took to flight

When rations were running low,

She can’t help but wonder;

“Where did they all go?”


A tear tempts to fall

An aged heart slows pace,

Reflecting on hardships…

When she never saw a face


But the gift of giving

Always brought delight,

And so with true intentions

She walks into the night,


In the wake of footprints

A basket, a trinket, a toy,

The oou, the aw, the laughter

Of a little girl and boy;


And a friend she once knew;

One of those that flew.

© O’Prunty


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