~ She Tried ~

~ She Tried ~

She tried to hide the hurt brewing in her eyes

Tried to smile; wearing a disguise,

Tried to be uplifting to a man so down

Tried to hold back a deluge knowing she would drown


She tried communication that feel on deaf ears

Tried to comfort; unfounded fears,

Tried to bridge a gap for her loved ones sake

Tried, but on the other side, stood Lies, Betrayal, Hate


She tried to pretend, “I hate you” was never spoken

Tried to pretend the family circle wasn’t broken,

As she stood alone, on her own, knowing “She Tried”…

With each broken tear… ‘pieces’ of April died.

© O’Prunty



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3 responses to “~ She Tried ~

  1. Appreciate a poem about a tough topic, trying to keep up a front rather than admit the unhealthiness. Like the rhythm which seems a brave march like being in such a situation.

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