~ Mercy Memorialized ~

~ Mercy Memorialized ~


I watched as he reached for what I could not see;

His aged hand of the working man trembling sporadically

Though ‘present’ oblivious, he was to me


I watched a weakened peaceful smile, touch upon his lips

Knew ‘we’ were not alone, as his reach turned to grips…

Then stretched as if flirting with fragile finger-tips


I could not hold a tear from flowing down my cheek

When he turned and said, “Tonight, I can finally sleep”

He softly closed his eyes; didn’t hear my ‘knowing’ weep:


The one he loved so truly had rent the veil asunder…

Giving him the comfort to fall in peaceful slumber.


© O’Prunty


I wish I could explain better what I witnessed this evening…

What I do know is this, “My  deceased Mother was present in Dad’s

Hospital room this evening, and he is sound asleep, for the first

Time, in a long time”.


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