~ Children of the Night ~

October moon is waxing,

Soon spirits will take flight,

They’ll taunt and tease,

Anything but please,

These “Children of the Night”.

Unbound once a year,

From the Inferno they call home,

Determined when dawn does break,

Returning… not alone.

Ghosts, goblins, warlock witches,

Grotesque shades rising from hells ditches,

Stalking those who mock their apparel,

Lurking, impatiently chanting hells carol.

What has become a night of celebration?

These children of hell suffer in anticipation,

Three and sixty-four days they await,

To return with guests at Hades gate.

 Innocent children play the game,

Not knowing the rules are not the same,

They trick and treat from door to door,

While spirits of Darkness soar and soar.

Shrieking screams, chilling laughter,

Innocent souls are what they are after,

Down, down to the abyss they descend,

After snatching the child they did befriend.

Terror grips the child’s heart,

Screaming and crying for them to depart,

Yet in there diabolical laughter and glee,

They assure the innocent they’ll never be free…

“Once captured, here you will stay,

And learn the rules of the game you do play,

They know not that you are gone,

A shade has replaced you the whole year long”…

October moon is waxing.


© O’Prunty

All Rights Reserved 2001, 2012



Filed under Poetry

3 responses to “~ Children of the Night ~

  1. SCARY!…is this in anticipation of Halloween? 🙂

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