We Are

a composite of all that came before us

collective memory of the ancients

often revealed when least expected

our ancestors blood surges

through ours and

we are the old way

combined with the new ways

still seeking answers:

Why are we here?



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that lofty smile

insecurities facade

you wear it so well



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day dawned delightful

dainty dragonflies in flight

naiads dancing



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Her Place

grounding and grinding

the mustard weed

to a color nearing ochre

and a mixture of red clay

she paints frescos

on the walls

of hidden caves

leaving her watermark



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A Shadow of You

crosses my heart

stealing my breath

silening the grief

as I recall

the beauty

the sacredness

of sisterhood


once, I was blessed

with you.



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Americas Child

I’m Americas child

step into my skin

feel the burning hunger

buried deep within

see me as a gift

the future, that it is me

but I can’t chase my dreams

when I’m scared & so hungry

ma says relief is coming

pa, he says it too

leaders keep on fighting

I’m sure their plates are full…O’Prunty

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It’s Monday in America

It’s Monday in America:

a new day dawing

an evil era waning

as we unite

– both, left and right:

agree to disagree

most respectfully

and bridge the divide

with determined stride

though battle scared

as esteemed leaders spared

together, we’ll seam

the American dream…O’Prunty 11/92020

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Sunday Morning Sunrise

The Sunday morning sunrise

Ascending Americas skies

Seems to revive dreams

Dreams, that nearly died…

And though the fights not over

And though the road is long

This Sunday morning sunrise

Reminds us to stay strong…O’Prunty 11/8/2020

In Honor of President Elect Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris

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On Truth

when truth is lacking justice fails

regardless the atempt of various veils

honor, integrity play no part

within the stained, tainted heart

so carefully speak -let truth prevail

uncover the lies -rent the veil…O’Prunty 9/18/2020

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Perils of Pretense

I grew tired of the mundane

The everyday insane:

As they stand

Upon podiums of pretense

Pontificating falsehoods

Lining lying lips…O’Prunty


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